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Voter ID (aka Suppression) in Wisconsin

Today’s post comes from guest author Charlie Domer, from The Domer Law Firm.

On the heels of Wisconsin’s election results this past Tuesday, we are starting to see the potential true intent of the state voter ID law: vote supression.

One former Republican staffer expressed his views about Republican giddiness about the voter ID laws and the opportunity to suppress the voting power of certain group.

Then, on election night, we see an a Republican congressman–on the televised news!–explicitly state that the voter ID law will “make a difference” for Republicans in upcoming elections.

Reports of any alleged voter “fraud” is just a red herring.  We are seeing what many expected all along–the true intent of voter ID law is to eliminate certain voters and votes.  What an undemocratic callous and insidious idea.  If your party’s policy and positions do not hold enough weight to gain a majority of votes, let’s impose voter ID to gain an unfair advantage and suppress the vote.