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Non-combat veterans could be at risk for traumatic brain injuries

Today’s post comes from guest author Jon Rehm, from Rehm, Bennett & Moore.

The link between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and blasts from improvised explosive devices (IED) in veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has been well-documented.  However new research has has shown that even veterans and active service members who have not faced combat may be at increased risk for TBI.

A study by the Center for New American Security showed increased risks of TBI for soldiers who trained using heavy weapons including shoulder mounted anti-tank weapons. The study recommended improved developing new helmets to improve protections against blasts.

TBI can impact hearing as well as speech, mental processing and mood. Our firm does not handle veteran’s benefits claims, but we recommend veterans who trained with heavy weapons to contact such a firm. Our firm would be happy to recommend firms to any veterans who suspect they have a TBI or any other service connected disability.

But TBI is not solely a military issue. Workers in construction and manufacturing can also be exposed to noise and other factors causing TBI. I would hope that improvements in safety equipment protecting soldiers from TBI could be adapted for civilian use.