The Workforce Recruitment Program: Where Success Comes Full Circle

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ODEP staff pose with colleagues in front of a sign at a USBLN public event.
Lauren Karas (center front) poses with colleagues at the USBLN 2016 annual conference.

During my junior year at Elon University, I was searching for a summer internship in the District of Columbia, reviewing job openings, and pursuing numerous leads when I had a breakthrough. I reached an incredibly helpful job placement coordinator in the U.S. Social Security Administration, who told me about an initiative called the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP).

The job placement coordinator walked me through the virtues of the WRP, explaining that it helps place college students and recent graduates with disabilities, like me, in internships and permanent jobs in the federal and private sectors.

Here’s how it works: The WRP serves as a pipeline for employers to find qualified employees. Students are pre-screened and interviewed before being accepted into the database, which is updated annually. Employers can choose to hire students for permanent positions or summer jobs. Of course, internships enable employers to determine whether a student’s skills and abilities are a good fit before making a decision about whether to hire permanently.

Students benefit, too, since the program offers greater exposure to a wide range of employers, provides real-world work experience, and gives them a foot in the door to permanent employment.

This tip from the job placement coordinator led me to an internship in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy…

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