Fear and Loathing in American Politics: The Trump Phenomenon

No one — whether bipartisan or partisan — knows what Donald Trump will say today ortomorrow. Just last week it was the “Mexican judge” who deigned to rule against Trump’s interests. And “my African American.” This week he’ll say something equally as outrageous. Why? Because his popularity is based on celebrity, not substance…and he is a near – if not total – megalomaniac. To believe he has the interest of any person — the poor, the rich, the in-between — is to miss this. He is acting on behalf of Donald Trump and Donald Trump only. He believes only Donald Trump and Donald Trump only. He’ll follow only Donald Trump and Donald Trump only. (It’s against my disdain of the guy to use his name so much — he likes that people use his name.)

Trump throws rallies in metro areas where there is a large potential crowd. Better, he promises to skewer any number of discreet, insular minority groups. People listen and respond to someone like Donald Trump telling them to fear those folks different than them. That formula’s worked forever. Hitler had his Jews, gays, Gypsies, etc. Tailergunner Joe McCarthy and his ilk had his “pinkoes,” “commies” and “fellow travelers.” California and other entities had those of Japanese descent in 1941, before they had those good Americans uprooted and sent to camps in vacation spots like Utah.

When one takes a group and say it’s so filled with “rapists” or “jihadis” that we must act toward the whole group like the whole group is one person, then will act out. They will discriminate against the whole group of people. And when one does that long enough you will get violent, discriminatory acts. That’s what Trump in fact has caused — fights on the fringes of his rallies between his disciples and others who don’t agree with the idea that we can depict Mexicans (even if not documented) and Muslims (even if they believe the same faith as some crazy jihadis) and other minorities as less than deserving of rights.

Trump is attracting people by the same fear tactics used by Hitler, McCarthy and FDR (and his actions against American-Japanese). He can’t win because — thank God — we have a reasonably strong economy and some prosperity provided by Mr. President Barak Obama. Trump doesn’t have a completely destitute people (1930’s Germany), a people scared to its core by communism from a USSR who’d just taken over all eastern Europe and the new Red China; or a war frenzy. Trump will be gone in December 2016.