Post Office Considering Significant Changes

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This whole debate about the future of the US Postal Service has me confused and I thought it was relevant to address on SISG because so much of what we talk about here passes through either the USPS, UPS or FedEX.

These days its seems like everyone from Congress to talking heads has a plan to fix the Post Office but I have to say most of the ideas and options I keep hearing seem insane.

A core part of plans is to eliminate Saturday mail delivery.  This option makes very little sense to me and eliminates one of the USPS’s primary competitive advantages over its competition.  The USPS is the only carrier who will deliver letters and packages on Saturday as part of its normal non-surcharge service.  To be fair FedEX Ground also does normal Saturday delivery but its mostly packages.

To me eliminating Saturday mail service would be a body blow to the USPS.  One that they may not recover from.

Another point I don’t see raised often enough is the relationship people have with the USPS.  Personally I prefer the USPS over all other options unless I’m shipping something very large.  I find their service to be much more customer friendly – because they care about residential deliveries. 

I avoid UPS at all cost however sometimes its not possible.  I find their service to be terrible and they have an attitude that they can care less about residential deliveries.  This is one thing USPS should be emphasising – that relationship they have with…

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