False-arrest lawsuit from 2012 dismissed

Today’s post was shared by The Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group and comes from www.dispatch.com

A false-arrest lawsuit filed by an East Side man against the Franklin County sheriff’s office has been dismissed in federal court.

Antonio C. Morales sued the sheriff’s office, several deputies, the Columbus Division of Police and a police detective in 2012 after he was mistakenly arrested in 2011. Officers and deputies were looking for a man with the same first name, last name and middle initial on suspicion of sexual contact with a minor.

A police detective discovered the error after Morales had been jailed for five days.

Morales said in his lawsuit that his reputation had been harmed and asked for $1 million in punitive damages from each defendant. The case was thrown out and then appealed, and all but one defendant was dismissed.

At the same time, Morales’ attorney, Javier Armengau, was convicted in state court and sent to prison. Attempts by court officials to contact Morales failed, and the lawsuit was dismissed last week.

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