Former Millville student contracted herpes after relationship with teacher, lawsuit states

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Michael S. Drebes 

MILLVILLE — A former high school student filed a lawsuit against the Millville Board of Education earlier this month for not properly supervising a teacher who conducted an inappropriate and illegal sexual relationship with her, according to the lawsuit.

Meagan Jones, 20, the former student, also named Michael S. Drebes, 42, her former math teacher that she was in a sexual relationship with, in the lawsuit for mental and physical injuries — including contracting herpes from Drebes.

In addition, the lawsuit, which was filed on July 3 with Cumberland County Superior Court, names former principal Albert B. Johnson and student assistance counsel Steven Megonigal as defendants.

She requests $450,000 in damages for "various and diverse physical and mental injuries," including anxiety and medical expenses in excess of $3,600, the lawsuit states.

Jones was 14 at the time and a ninth-grade student at Millville Memorial High School when Drebes began pursing a sexual relationship with her, according to the lawsuit.

The relationship lasted from February 2009 until shortly before his arrest in June 2009.

The Millville Board of Education, Johnson and Megonigal are named as defendants, according to the lawsuit, for negligence in hiring Drebes, failure to investigate the relationship, failure to supervise Drebes and failure to enforce written policies on electronic communication between teachers and students.

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