City of Charlotte settles lawsuit over police shooting for $115,000

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  • Joint statement in police shooting lawsuit

    “In the late evening hours of October 16, 2010, Officer Matthew Wilson shot and injured Jeffery Green. It is now clear that Officer Wilson was dispatched to investigate the stabbing of Mrs. Valinda Streater, Jeffery Green’s mother. Upon arrival, Officer Wilson observed that Mrs. Streater had just been stabbed and that her injuries were serious. It is also clear that Officer Wilson received information that Mrs. Streater’s parents might have been in danger.

    Based on that information, Officer Wilson correctly decided to check on their wellbeing. In addition, it is now clear that Jeffery Green, upon hearing that his mother had been stabbed, picked up a kitchen knife to defend his mother from further harm and started walking towards the location of his mother and Officer Wilson.

    Unfortunately, Jeffery Green was walking down a dark street and headed directly towards Officer Wilson. Officer Wilson, believing that Jeffery Green might have been the suspect who had stabbed Mrs. Streater, ordered Jeffery Green to drop the knife just prior to making the decision to shoot Jeffery Green. Officer Wilson did not learn until after the incident that Jeffery Green was not the person who stabbed and severely injured his mother.

    While the City believes that Officer Wilson’s decision to shoot Jeffery Green was reasonable under the conditions confronting Officer Wilson that night, the City also recognizes…

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