Class-action lawsuit could be filed against APD

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The mayor unveiled his proposed budget on Tuesday.

It calls for pay raises for Albuquerque Police officers and new police cars.

Mayor R.J. Berry also calls for a million dollars to help train officers to better deal with tense situation and people who suffer from mentally illness.

But a pair of high-powered attorneys say that is too little too late. They are working on a sweeping class-action lawsuit against APD over the shootings.

This lawsuit in the works aims to assure parents of adults with mental health needs that their son or daughter won’t be in danger if confronted by police.

Four years ago, it was Kenneth Ellis.

Three years ago, it was Christopher Torres.

Now, James Boyd. He is the latest man with a history of mental health issues to die in a police shooting.

In fact, most of the 34 people Albuquerque Police officers have shot since 2010 have been mentally ill.

Attorney Joe Kennedy believes it is going to take a court order before that changes.

“These folks are ill through no fault of their own,” Kennedy said. “There is no reason they should suffer the consequences of being killed when we can prevent that or lessen that, lessen the likelihood of that, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Kennedy is talking with…

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