Inmate lawsuit accuses Casper jail of shoddy medical care

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An inmate at the Natrona County Detention Center has filed federal and state lawsuits alleging the facility provided inadequate medical treatment for himself and others, along with committing other federal civil rights violations.

Jeromy Bray claims he was suffering from severe abdominal pain in November 2013 when he was sent to the jail’s infirmary. Once there, a nurse reportedly took his blood pressure before telling him he was fine and that it was “probably something you ate,” according to Bray’s complaint.

Bray states he told the nurse the pain had been going on for a week. The nurse allegedly told him he had an “inverted hemorrhoid” and that the only treatment available was to “drink a lot of water.”

“The nurse on duty came to this medical diagnosis without doing any tests other than blood pressure,” the complaint states.

Bray claims the pain became so great that while he was at the Central Wyoming Counseling Center about a month later, he was taken to the emergency room and diagnosed with a severe case of diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis is a painful condition caused when pouches in the wall of the colon form and then become infected, according to the Mayo Clinic’s website. It may be brought about by the lack of fiber in a diet, according to the site.

In his lawsuit, Bray claims medical providers in the jail are “deliberately indifferent” to the medical needs of the prisoners and that staff…

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